NABAS Deco Bubbles versus Aqua Balloons:

Price per Delegate – £200 (£166.67 + VAT)

Maximum 6 delegates in class

The Aqua Balloons are made by the same company who manufacture the deco bubbles, Takara Kosan in Japan.

Both of these clear bubble balloons will play a major part in professional décor – this course shows you how to use both correctly and when to use them to get the most impact in your displays.

It shows the similarities and differences between them both and give your hand-on experience in using both balloons effectively. We also look at the Amscan Clearz balloons as well as LED lights with bubble balloons.

Covering a lot of the standard deco bubble techniques – confetti, static, foils inside bubbles, feathers – you’ll also learn about bead aquas and flowers inside the aqua balloons, with and without water plus, crucially, job costing the displays.

This is an intermediate/advanced course and requires that you have experience in dealing and handling balloons already.

Course notes and after-course support group come as part of your training.

Under current trading standards we are unable to offer refreshments or lunch – please bring your own.

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Organic balloon training

NABAS Approved Course – Classic versus Organic Décor:

Price per Delegate – £199 (£166.67 + VAT) – MAX 6 students

This course shows the differences between the more fluid organic style versus the more classic and structured columns and arches.

Covering centrepieces, columns and arches, you will be able to see how both styles are created and implemented into décor, as well as realising how the materials, time and, crucially, job-costings differ along the way.

Learning tips and techniques, through a combination of demonstration and hands-on build, you will leave the course feeling confident with both styles and realise how both involve set design principles, just implemented differently.

Framework including Aeropole and backdrops are a crucial part of the day, understanding the risks associated with installation and how to cost are all covered in this course.

So whether you prefer the speed of classic, or the individuality of organic this course will give you all you need to know.

Includes NABAS certification, course notes and after-course support group.

Please note under current restrictions we are unable to provide refreshments or lunch, so please bring your own.