NABAS certified Deco Bubbles versus Aqua Balloons:

Maximum 6 Students

£180 per person (discount for NABAS members)

The beautiful Aqua Balloons are made by the same company who manufacture the deco bubbles, Takara Kosan in Japan.

Both of these clear bubble balloons will play a major part in professional décor – this course shows you how to use both correctly and when to use them to get the most impact in your displays.

It shows the similarities and differences between them both and give your hand-on experience in using both balloons effectively. We also look at the Amscan Clearz balloons, Grabo Globe Balloons as well as CE Approved LED lights with bubble balloons.

Covering a lot of the standard deco bubble techniques, you’ll also learn about bead aqua balloons, foils inside deco bubbles, flower bouquets inside balloons, and crucially job costing the displays.

This is an intermediate/advanced course and requires that you have experience in dealing and handling balloons already.

Course notes and after-course support come as part of your training.

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