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Whether you're celebrating a birthday, wedding or New Year's Eve, planning a school balloon release event or commemorating the life of a loved one at a funeral, Chinese Lanterns and balloons are gettting more popular to release. Lanterns create a breathtaking and memorable effect after dark and balloons are easy to use and release and are fun for all ages


At Pink Tree Parties we not only hire out balloon nets, stock chinese lanterns, balloons, race tags and Posca pens to write your messages on balloons we will also give advice to help these releases.


We strongly recommend that you read the information below before deciding whether to release lanterns and/or balloons:


Chinese Lanterns Safety & instructions


  • Familiarise yourself with the lanterns before lighting and launching them. Please refer to the release instructions on the packets


  • Before the lantern is launched, the naked flame must be supervised at all times


  • Do NOT launch in wind conditions that make lighting the lantern difficult. Ensure the wind i not stronger than 5mph


  • Keep away from children


  • Launching a lantern in strong winds, that is torn or has burn holes in may cause premature landing and fire at the point of grounding.


  • Check the wind direction prior to releasing the lanterns - obstacles such as buildings and trees should NOT be in the direct flightpath of the lantern and must be at least 30metres away


  • Launching lanterns in inappropriate surroundings or weather conditions or after they have been damaged may cause fires, It could make you liable to criminal charges or civil claims for damages


  • Always ensure that any naked flames are supervised and never left unattended


  • Make sure you have water and/or a fire extinguisher at hand


  • Do not light or release the lantern wearing flammable clothing, for additional safety ptotective gloves may be worn


  • Do not alter or amend the igniting pad, do not customise the lantern except by use of a pen to write messages


  • Lanterns must not be released within 2 miles of a major road or motorway


  • Lanterns must not be released within 5 miles of farmers fields and live stock


  • Releasing more than 10 lanterns, or within 5 miles radius of an airport or landing strip? Please contact Civil Aviation Authoriity to check air space safety in your area: Airspace Utilisation Section, Directorate of Airspace Policy, 702 CAA House, 45-59 Kingsway, London WC2B 6TE, tel: 0207 453 6599, email:


  • If you are planning on releasing the lanterns within 5 miles of the coast then please notify the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to avoid the lanterns being recognised as distress signals -


PLEASE NOTE: when purchasing a lantern you are responsible for any personal injury, civil damages or criminal charges that result from the release of these lanterns, You must adhere to local laws before releaseing these lanterns and it's essential that you read the instructions carefully prior to release. Launching lanterns in inappropriate surrounding or weather conditions or after they have been damaged may cause fire.




Balloon Releases:


Pink Tree are members of NABAS (National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers) and follow their code of conduct. NABAS  offer the following guidance




The main points are as follows:


  • Foil balloons can NOT be released as they do not biodegrade and can conduct electricity


  • Latex balloons with metallic pigments can NOT be released


  • Only non-metallic latex balloons should ever be released - latex balloons are a totally natural product and 100% biodegradable. A study in 1989 found the average latex balloon decomposition is the same as for an old leaf (about 6 months)


  • Ribbons should NOT be attached to balloons for release


  • Latex balloons should be hand tied and not use valves to seal


  • Balloons must not be tied together as they need to float easily and quickly


  • Balloons larger than 12" diameter must NOT be released


  • Balloon releases exceeding 5000 balloons should not take place unless they have been cleared in advance with all relevant air traffic and local authorities. The Authorities must be notified in writing at least 28 days prior to the release. The Civil Aviation Authorty (CAA) also like to be notified of releases up to 5000 balloons. A form can be obtained by calling either the NABAS office on 01989 762 204 or the Airspace Utilisation Section of the CAA on 0207 453 6599




Guidance For Chinese Lanterns & Balloon Releases

Balloon Code of Conduct